Italian Sidesword

imageThe sidesword, sometimes referred to as a cut and thrust sword, represents the time period when the sword was evolving from the most recognized “knightly sword” to the rapier, for civilian use. The sidesword would also slowly evolve into other variants for battlefield use, most notably the back sword. This particular time in swordplay offers a wide range of techniques in cutting and thrusting as well as striking with the pommel and grappling. The sidesword was also commonly paired with an offhand weapon such as the dagger, cloak, buckler, or even a second sidesword. Tosetti Institute of MMA and Fitness starts its curriculum with the Bolognese (Italian) system drawing from such masters as Achille Marozzo, Antonio Manciolino, Giovanni dall’Agocchie, and the Anonimo Bolognese. A complete translation of the Anonimo Bolognese by Stephen Fratus can be downloaded here.



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